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Services Offered

With You Every Step of the Way

Couples Therapy

Whether you and your loved one are constantly arguing, or your relationship just needs a tune up. We get it relationships can be tough. We know first hand the struggles that come with returning from a deployment and the toll it takes on a marriage. We can be there to help navigate the confusion that comes with trying to address the hardships of re-connecting with your loved one.


Family Therapy

How can we raise a child in a world that we've seen the darkest parts of? How do we not let our experiences have a negative impact on the roles we play as parents? Why the hell is my kid not connected to me? We can support you in learning more about your child's behaviors as well as how your behavior effects your child. We've worked with children of various mental health needs from Autism Specturm disorder, Unspecified Schizophrenic Spectrum disorder, to Major Depressive disorder. Allow me to support you and your family.


Individual Therapy

Seeking help can be difficult. There is a stigma that comes with mental health. You can be sure that we handle each client with confidence and confidentiality. Sometimes just having someone to bounce ideas off of is all it takes. Other times you need someone there in the trenches with you trained to fight the enemy who is out to kill, steal, and destroy. Whatever your needs are we are here for you when you are ready. Give us a call for your free 20 minute phone consult today.

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