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                                 You feel stuck, like something is wrong with you and you are not enough.                                         You’re struggling, and you want things to be better, but you don’t know how                                     to get there. You think to yourself you should be able to handle this, and you  shouldn’t be feeling this way. You don’t know how to put it into words, or you don’t feel like there’s anyone you can talk to about it.

You want to feel understood, and be listened to without worry of being judged. You want to know that your feelings and struggles matter, and you want support on working through them. You want things to change. You want to go about your day, whether it be with friends, family, relationships, or your own self-esteem and thoughts, feeling okay again.

I will provide a relationship and environment that works best for you, where your feedback matters, and we collaborate to help reach your personal goals at a pace that you decide. If we end up not being a good match, I can help you find another therapist who is a better fit. Please contact me for your free 20-minute consult

Darren Santos
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor